Why be part of TEAM TITANS? 

TEAM TITANS is hosted by real and genuine Property developers Romey and Manni Chopra. We give their heart and soul into making sure Titan events offer the best value, support and opportunities to help our members, sponsors & attendees learn, grow and move closer to their property goals. 


We have a HISTORY with of hosting the best property events under the J6 Property meet brand since 2016. We have been very successful in securing the best speakers, real Developers & business owners and property professionals with ‘on the ground’ experience. Please visit our gallery and get a feel for our past speakers here. 


We will continue to offer best value to our clients , members, sponsors and the wider community who attend our events, in person and online events.  

Join a community that will help and support you in your property journey.

Property is a people’s business, and your success depends a lot on who you associate with. At Titans, we attract the right property people who you can learn from and share your experiences and expertise. 

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  • Education

    Every month we have two specialist speakers who will be sharing practical insights, tips, and facts to help you take your property business to the next level whatever your starting point is.

  • Collaboration

    Team Titan Events enable and promote collaboration by connecting a qualified group of property professionals, engaging with them, and building long-term relationships.

  • Networking

    It's not just about “Who you know”, it's about “Who you are becoming as a person”. The new way to network and build your true net worth is about charting your own course, living life based on your passions, and being the best you can be. 

At Titans, we aim to share knowledge through education at our events, learn from others’ experience through networking and build long term professional connections and relationships. 

Partners 50+
Events 23


Titans is a property networking and educational event, previously known as the J6 Property Meet founded by Manni Chopra.  


Titans meaning is “defender,” Titan is a bold Greek name with power and grit. 


TITANS is built on seven




At Titans we strive for excellence, seeking the best for all involved in the event. For us, this event encapsulates collaboration between individuals and groups in related sectors, whether this includes, financial advisories, property developers, commercial landlords or electricians, we believe that we are all stronger together.  









No matter what the event you can always trust Titans to provide its members, Sponsors, Trusted Titans, Affiliates and attendees a great experience, invaluable to the progression and further success of our businesses and careers. Whether it’s networking or listening to our guest speakers, you can trust Titans to provide.



Titans not only provide expertise but will also develop yours, with many different guest speakers talking about a wide range of topics relating to property including commercial property, adding value, finance, finding and funding deals, securing investors,  tax and many more, this will diversify any individuals skill set and strengthen knowledge. 









At titans we lead by example. Constantly learning and improving our offering to the property industry, reacting to change quickly whilst implementing successful plans of action such as energy efficient housing, or re-purposing the dying high-street by revamping and letting to local commercial businesses. Our events will offer the perfect opportunity to learn various ways of keeping up with market trends and identifying ways to execute the right business plan.





Titans offers the perfect chance to develop your businesses exposure, providing many occasions where your business can find investors and other organisations to collaborate and work closely with ensuring future long-lasting and mutually beneficial partnerships. 





This series of events are truly special. Rarely will you come across an opportunity where you can liaise with others in a similar sector and learn from one another in a variety of situations. Titans events will bring both work and socialising into the equation creating a friendly/informal and productive environment.








Titans (in the previous brand as J6 Property Meet) has seen rapid growth in interest and attendances, as well as investors and developers and is becoming a well-known networking event in the property industry. Due to the collaboration and sharing of ideas at our events, if information gathered is implemented correctly into your organisation you will find your business to grow exponentially! 




See what our Members, Speakers and Sponsors has to say attending our events!

Jonathan Stein

"been speaking at the event, fantastic event, fantastic audience, mixture of level of experience in the room. Really great networking opportunity, I encourage everyone to come to the events."

Nick Bailey

"I’m glad I came to the J6 meeting, they had really good speakers there. The people there were very interesting, warm. A lot of people get experience there too. Whatever you are looking for, there are a lot of people here worth meeting. I have not been to the coffee morning, I believe that’s very good as well and it’s quite unique so I think it would be a very good idea for some people"

Karen Stanbridge

"It was a fantastic evening, there were great speakers. Very good event here, very friendly. They had high valued speakers delivering great content and it is a lovely location as well. I will absolutely be back."

Thor Portess

"Fantastic networking, a lot of buzz. We have placed 3 deals on the panel tonight and one of them has potential that we are going to crowdfund so lots of opportunity in the room."

Alex Harrington-Griffin

"I had the privilege of presenting at the J6 property event. I was overwhelmed with the response of the nodding heads in the audience and a speaker can see this to know how well the event has gone. There were a lot of people in the room giving encouraging nods and positive feedback. I really enjoyed it and I recommend anyone who is investing and developing in property to come down."

Mr J Gill

" I have been at the J6 meet a couple of times and I was well impressed by all the speakers, the comfortable atmosphere. It actually made me get up and talk so I was very happy here."

Terry Platt

"Manni has organized a very interesting event, first time I have done this sort of thing. Very interesting to hear the questions that came up from the members attending it. It has been an interesting afternoon."

Emily Temple

"Really good event, thank you so much to Manni for inviting me, for letting me come and speak to everybody. Really good vibe, packed room, lots of deals, lots to talk about, lots of learning and a lot of support to each different investors. Really good network, I would encourage everyone who’s interested in property development to come and check it out"


Frequently asked question

Here are a few answers to our most common questions

Can I buy event tickets on the day of the event?

For event tickets do you take cash or card?


Ideally when buying a ticket it will be from the website so you will be paying by card, if you want to pay using cash this can be discussed before buying a ticket with Manni.

Can you cancel the membership at any time?

Will there be Wifi at the event?

What is the difference between VIP and digital membership?

Both allow you to have access to our monthly Titans' Events, VIP has more bonuses as you can see under home page, "membership plans"

Is there a dress code for the events?

Is there free parking available at the event venue for attendees/members?

Is photography allowed at the event?

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